MOVE Studio



MOVE Studio is a combination of interactive art and creative software focusing on the magic of movement and dance, which draws the user physically into participating in creation.

MOVE Studio was commissioned by Microsoft as launch content for its series of Windows Mixed Reality HMDs. MOVE Studio was developed by MAP Design lab, which Seanna worked with as a developer and designer, prototyping and fleshing out many of the interactions featured in the application. 

It is currently rated 5.0 out of 5 in the Microsoft Store.

User Reviews

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Users have made several complimentary remarks on aspects of the application Seanna was responsible for prototyping and developing

"This is a beautiful app, and a gorgeous experience - in which the beauty you see responds and changes with the movements you make. In other words, this is responsive VR in an artistic context, with great potential and scope." 

"I loved being able to watch the dancers and athletes from different angles and perspectives, close up and personal and from a distance. The environments, figures and music are beautiful and calming--it makes you feel like you are in a different, more colorful universe. I love how the dancers move and change based on what you do with your hands and body, and figuring out what you can control (or make) in each scene is a fun challenge."

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